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At The Interiore Hub, we specialize in providing harmonious design & proper installation of furniture, fixture & aesthetics for all residential and commercial spaces. Our aim is to utilize the given space in an appropriate manner making it useful and elegant for our clients & at the same time providing them the right material, design & looks within their budget.

We provide customized design solutions and services so that we could provide proper furniture & furnishings as per the available space which would provide more options to the clients as per their likes & choice.

Many a times, a client has extremely high choice for furniture which gets over their budget, that’s where The Interiore Hub comes into play, where we customize and provide the best design solution of the desired furniture at the amazing rate with great quality of material.

We even provide option to the client with regards to making of the furniture either at our unit & delivered at the site or making the furniture at the site itself.

Our designs range from contemporary concepts, capturing modern trends as well as traditional designs. We provide complete support to our clients from budgeting to execution to after sales services. The material used for the our design & furniture are of the best quality only.

Apart from residential and office projects we also supply products in bulk like Flush doors, etc to builders.

The Interiore Hub is managed by Ms Isha Lakhani with the vision to provide the best services in the best way to their clients.

We are located at Santacruz West, Mumbai, and we are successfully undertaking projects in Mumbai.


The Interiore Hub

"Where DESIGN has a new DIMENSION"